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Infosys Sales Representative Performance Evaluation Dashboard solution

Sales Representative Performance Evaluation Dashboard

Infosys Sales Representative Performance Evaluation Dashboard provides user-friendly and interactive reports to enable users to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of sales representatives. It facilitates the representative's evaluation on a wide range of parameters such as time and territory management, paperwork and reporting, selling skills, sales performance, individual participation, and feedback from his immediate supervisor.

The dashboard helps senior management identify and understand:

  • Top and bottom 10 percent of the sales representatives based on overall performance
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the representative for training purposes
  • The representative's capabilities and selling skills
  • The representative's effectiveness in time management
  • The representative's management of key prescribers
  • Performance relating to sales achievement
  • Shortfalls in account management
Sales Representative Performance Evaluation Dashboard

The solution is based on Siebel Analytics and offers a range of benefits that includes:

  • Pre-built analytic agents and alerts
  • Embedded industry best practices and numerous pre-built metrics
  • Personalization by user role and function, integrated security, and data visibility

The dashboard uses Source Dependent Extraction (SDE) routines to extract data from various sources such as Dendrite, Siebel, IMS, or any other custom-built application. The data capture mechanism uses best-of-breed data integration technology that enables portability of the solution over other pharmaceutical solutions available in the market. It enables the use of the dashboard at a variety of sites, not restricted only to Siebel users.

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