Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Private Equity

This edition of the Infosys Private Equity Knowledge Sharing Series focuses on current trends and the outlook in the evolving landscape of Private Equity.

The current economic landscape is characterized by high-interest rates and unprecedented levels of volatility between the public and the private markets leading to a recessionary environment. The private markets are witnessing a significant increase in demand for alternative investment options such as private equity, private debt, and real estate given the tightening of public markets and increased scrutiny for raising money, and a constant pressure of quarterly results to perform.

Private Equity investors and Operating Partners are increasingly involved hands-on with their portfolio companies to transform them to achieve target multiples while enabling the portfolio company with various levers to increase EBITDA and sustain it. Private Equity firms’ technology agenda for value creation spans across the board from cybersecurity to cloud and infrastructure, engineering and product development, process, and operations optimization. Operating Partners are also talking about how digital transformation is proving to be one of the largest transformation levers for Private Equity.