Powering Growth: Women Leaders in Private Equity and Venture Capital

The panel discussion explores the growing impact of women in private equity and venture capital and how their presence leads to positive changes in corporate culture, social responsibility, and financial performance.

An insightful session discussing strategies for promoting gender equity, including attracting and retaining talented women, increasing access to capital for women-led businesses, and reaping the benefits of diversity in terms of profitability, growth, and innovation. With interesting statistics and research backed information, the speakers also share their experiences and insights on topics ranging from bias, stereotypes, and lack of representation to the benefits of diversity and inclusion in promoting innovation and growth. Overall, the webinar highlights the need for greater diversity and gender equity in the private equity and venture capital.

Tune in to hear the experts talk about their own experiences in the industry, their thoughts on how far we have come and the journey ahead, while throwing some color on what to expect in the way forward.