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Infosys cobalt airline cloud

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We can, and already are. With a model office for airline businesses on the cloud. And whether it’s through new insights or new efficiencies, new experiences or new directions, Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud will be

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Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud (ICAC) is a model office built on cloud for the Airline industry. It consists of cloud- native business solutions that cater to different stakeholders of the airline industry such as authorities, passengers, airline DOA, station manager and ground staff. The industry cloud is built using composable

architecture principles and provides business capabilities such as seamless loyalty management, human-centric personalized experiences, Unit Load Device (ULD) tracking and management and smart monitoring alleviate security concerns, among others.

Key solutions

Global ULD tracer next

Global ULD tracer

Enhancing Profitability with Global ULD Tracer

Every 24 hours, more than 140,000 tonnes of cargo will be transported, equating to 657 million packages worth 17.8 Billion USD. And it takes a massive number of aircraft ULDs to deliver them to their destinations.

Today, airlines across the world are looking for new ways to optimize fuel consumption, utilization of these ULDs and profitability in the long run. And that's exactly what our Global ULD Tracer can help you do.

The solution aggregates ULD data around availability and movement across vendors, airlines, freight forwarders, and ground handling agents to provide real-time updates about ULD status, location, and condition.

  • Reduce manual effort and costs involved in the process
  • Track ULDs, forecast ETA and reduce delays
  • Optimize fuel consumption, and enhances sustainability
  • Drive profitability in the long-term

From enabling efficiency to enhancing profitability, this solution was built to help airlines get closer to their cloud goals.

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Bag runner dispatcher next

Bag runner dispatcher

Boosting Agility with BagRunner Dispatcher

As airlines and airports adjust to the gradual recovery of passenger figures, the number of mishandled baggage grew to 4.35 bags for every 1000 passengers in 2021. While this number seems negligible, the impact it has on your passenger's experience isn't. And that’s why we built the Infosys BagRunner Dispatcher.

The solution first collects information from different sources and analyzes it to deliver real-time notifications and alerts to every BagRunner on your airport floor. From tracking luggage to reducing errors and achieving 100% accuracy across your baggage handling operations, this solution makes it possible.

  • Improve operational efficiency with a cloud-native foundation
  • Boost workforce productivity with data directing limited resources
  • Reduce baggage mishandling and errors with this purpose-built solution

Whether it's getting luggage to the right destination, or your employee to the right place, with this solution, efficiencies are in the bag.

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WatchTower next


Delivering Visibility with WatchTower

Safety and security at airports have always been a key priority. But as your organization grows, traditional means no longer suffice. You need eyes on the ground everywhere. And that’s just what Infosys WatchTower has to offer.

It’s a solution that incorporates knowledge inference and predictive analytics to enable data-driven decisions and mitigate security risks at airlines and airports. It offers 360-degree visibility through computer vision and uses sensors and other next-gen technology for detection of fire or smoke, protection against wildlife attacks, prevention of intrusions, vegetation management, and more.

  • Predict and prevent incidents, before they happen
  • Ensure the safety and security of passengers, throughout their journey
  • Monitor queues and manage crowds, even as your business grows

Now, you can monitor crowds and measure threats in real-time to minimize incidents and maximize safety of every passenger that chooses to fly with you.

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Infosys Genome Solution next

Infosys Genome Solution

Building Affinity with Infosys Genome Solution

It’s no longer just about getting your passengers to their destination but creating a memorable experience for them throughout their journey. However, to do so, you need to know your customers better. And that’s where the Infosys Infosys Genome Solution platform can come in handy.

It’s a solution that helps airlines and airports harvest insights about an individual’s traveling habits, preferences and behaviors. The comprehensive profiling exercise can help you build customer-oriented strategies to engage with them on a deeper level, simplify their journey and cultivate loyalty.

  • Access rich insights, make better decisions
  • Hyper-personalized experiences, tailored to one
  • Share data with ease, across your ecosystem

Personalize the experiences you deliver for every traveler that walks through your airport’s doors.

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Integrated NetZero Platform next

Integrated NetZero Platform

Powering Sustainability with Integrated Net Zero Platform

The airline industry accounts for 2.5% of the global CO₂ emissions and amounts to 3.5% when we account for non-CO₂ impacts on climate change. Sustainability is no longer nice to have but a necessity. And airlines that hope to lead the generations to come need to prioritize sustainability today. And that’s where the Integrated Net Zero Platform comes into the picture.

This platform helps airlines monitor, measure and mitigate carbon emissions. From enabling route optimization in the air to minimizing emissions on ground and supporting energy management, this solution can help you take the next step towards sustainability.

  • Cloud enabled, KPI based accurate emission reduction and reporting
  • Integration with Airlines systems
  • Operation cost reduction through Energy optimization

Reach for better tomorrows with the Integrated Net Zero Platform for airline businesses on the cloud.

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The difference delivered


Cloud Native Infrastructure

Serverless foundation with tools that are built to deliver resilience today and a foundation for every tomorrow.

Cloud native infrastructure


Each solution is a modular accelerator that’s easy to integrate into existing systems and delivers value shortly after deployment.

Plug & Play

Ecosystem of Possibilities

We've partnered with several organizations including Amadeus, Sabre, APTCO, etc. to help build a network for change.

Ecosystem of possibilities

Insights & Telemetry

Access integrated data and analytics layer with pre-built dashboards and performance metrics that enable seamless monitoring and operations.

Insights & Telemetry

Security & Compliance

From applications to infrastructure and data, the office is secure-by-design and conforms with the regulatory standards defined by IATA.

Security & Compliance

Open API(s)

We explore the real challenges and route performance at airports to devise efficient, future-ready solutions.

Open API(s)

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