Infosys Travel & Hospitality practice offers Bag Runner Dispatcher, an application designed to simplify airport operations. Our AWS Cloud-hosted solution ingests flight information, baggage data, gate GPS coordinates, and ramp layout maps to accelerate baggage movement. It locates the nearest available runner and automatically assigns bags for dispatch. The app tracks each bag assignment through the delivery process, and re-assigns pickup to the next available runner based on predefined time limits.

Our app incorporates dashboards for runners and supervisors to handle ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ baggage efficiently. The solution forecasts luggage load, enabling hub operators and airlines to plan runner placement and assign runners based on flight arrival and departure. The consolidated view of real-time flight and baggage load data improves management of runner devices and vehicles at airports. Notably, real-time tracking of bags and baggage handlers helps ground managers to identify and resolve dispatch inefficiencies.

Infosys Bag Runner Dispatcher optimizes baggage routing, thereby ensuring speedy delivery and boosting the productivity of ramp personnel. Significantly, our app allows airlines to enhance the passenger experience by streamlining baggage movement between interconnecting flights and sharing baggage status information with passengers in real time.

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Viewpoint: The Future Takes Flight: Transforming Baggage Handling

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Our solution maximizes utilization of ramp personnel and supports performance-based incentive schemes.

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Baggage handling

  • Delivery task assignment and tracking
  • Task re-assignment
  • Pending and delayed assignments monitoring
Application Development/ Integration

Resource management

  • Runner placement
  • Runner shift and performance management
  • Live runner map
Data Management

Dispatch operations

  • Route planning
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • Search and locate baggage

Challenges & Solutions

Bag prioritization and automated routing reduces average baggage handling time significantly.

Location maps guide runners from the arrival to departure gates, and alert dispatchers and ground handlers in the event of misplaced baggage.

Notifications at every stage of the luggage handling process – from bag scan and pickup to delivery – eliminate baggage handling errors.