The Infosys Travel & Hospitality practice partners with airline carriers, air cargo terminal operators, airfreight management companies, and ground handling agents to track Unit Load Devices (ULDs) across the supply chain. We combine digital tracking technologies for real-time monitoring of ULDs and ground support equipment, including pallets, special purpose ULDs, temperature-controlled containers, dollies, and tractors.

ULD management solutions built on the Infosys Enterprise Cognitive Platform (iECP) capture ‘live’ video stream and convert it to image frames to detect objects, remove ambient noise, and update asset repositories. iECP provides REST APIs to integrate external applications as well as cognitive elements such as machine learning, natural language processing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our deep learning models use ‘self-learning’ to improve image recognition and analytics.

Infosys digital asset tracking solutions minimize idle time and streamline inventory management of ULD as well as ancillary equipment across global networks. Rule-based validation of ULD location, time and movement offers contextual information to reconcile stock. Our solutions generate real-time status reports and notify business users / ULD handlers in the event of deviation(s) from business rules.

Our ULD solutions address technical requirements, operational procedures and regulations. We develop mobile applications using responsive design to facilitate smooth ULD operations. In addition, we provide user training to accelerate adoption of AI-driven ULD tracking solutions.

Our automated tracking solutions rationalize maintenance and repair requirements, while preventing loss of ULDs.

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Challenges & Solutions

Asset health monitoring dashboards ensure compliance with airworthiness standards and regulations for flight safety.

ULD tracking solutions incorporate ‘replay’ feature to view asset movement using location history.

Expertise in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Global Positioning System (GPS), and Internet of Things (IoT) tracking systems.