The ramp operations group of a US-based airline carrier.

Key Challenges

The airline sought a web-based work assignment tool to manage ramp and bag transfer operations.

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Infosys Solution

Infosys developed a web-based work assignment tool to manage ramp and bag transfer operations of a US-based airline

Infosys - Resource Planning Tool Streamlines Ramp Operations

Infosys integrated disparate enterprise planning systems for real-time ramp operations management. We developed a robust web-based application using J2EE architecture. It captures real-time flight data and resource information, applies business logic to allocate resources, and provides a web-based planning interface for resource planners.

Our application helps ramp operations supervisors/ managers assign work based on flight schedules, passenger and cargo data, and resource availability. In addition, it updates airline staff about their assignments. The application provides granular visibility into day-to-day operations, which enables better cost management.

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Real-time resource planning tool streamlines ramp operations

  • Real-time ramp resources planning
  • Optimum resource utilization
  • Minimal human intervention