The Infosys Travel & Hospitality practice offers automated asset tracking solutions for airlines and airport operators. We capitalize on mobile connectivity, tracking technologies, and text and video analysis tools to monitor the movement of baggage / freight as well as assets at airport terminals such as luggage trolleys, shuttle carts, buggies, strollers, and wheelchairs. Our solutions streamline check-in, scheduling and indoor navigation at airports.

Infosys Enterprise Cognitive Platform (iECP) is the digital automation backbone for our track and trace solutions. It combines machine learning, cognitive learning, and artificial intelligence to process and analyze image, voice and video streams. iECP extracts content from labels and images, categorizes it, and presents asset movement on a map. The ability to track the location and visualize the movement of assets on mobile devices enables airport administrators, gate agents and airline staff to provide timely assistance, thereby, enhancing the passenger experience.

Our GIS solutions capture and display a consolidated view of every asset in real time and provide status updates in enterprise systems and master data repositories. Sector / zonal checkpoints simplify tracking of assets. We incorporate business rules into tracking solutions for an automated alert mechanism to notify stakeholders in the event of deviations.

We replace legacy barcode-based tracking systems with cloud-hosted tracking solutions to be accessed on diverse mobile devices. Our mobile apps for location-based asset tracking reduce the risks and costs due to delayed or lost baggage while improving the quality of service. Significantly, our configurable dashboards support reporting, operational analytics, and inventory management.

Our mobile apps allow passengers to trace baggage, and initiate claims and compensation procedures when required.

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Challenges & Solutions

Team of experts identify bottlenecks and reengineer processes to improve baggage / asset tracking.

Smart baggage solutions support load balancing, which minimizes aviation fuel usage and ensures flight safety.

Rich experience in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Internet of Things (IoT) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies.