The Infosys Travel and Hospitality practice helps airlines and airport operators raise the bar in passenger engagement with robust self-service capabilities. We automate travel service processes, and enhance it with analytical tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive customer self-service. The digital ecosystem enables airlines and airports to identify a traveler’s needs based on the customer profile, and incorporate insights from the social footprint and peer groups to auto-recommend actions, be it to deepen engagement or reward loyalty.

Infosys Nia, a conversational AI platform, enables text and voice-based assistance for self-service. Machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing capabilities enable our chatbot to ‘understand’ customer queries as well as artifacts. Chatbots assist travelers and answer queries related to facilities at the airport / destination, booking, cancellation, refund, etc. Action bots take action based on user requirement; for instance, ticket authorization and rebooking in the event of rescheduled flights.

Our AI-driven chatbot integrates with social media tools and location-based service solutions to provide a bespoke travel experience via intuitive assistance across the journey – from booking and baggage information, and indoor navigation to exclusive lounge access / concierge services.

Infosys develops mobile applications for real-time passenger queue and airport experience management. It empowers airlines to extend customer service to any location in the airport. Our apps predict waiting times, which enables airlines and airport operators to engage travelers with contextualized offers. Airlines can direct passengers to alternative queues for faster check-in, and notify walk time to the gate. Our digital team also develops cloud-hosted microsites to help loyal customers track reward points and redeem miles.

Our mixed reality tools allow a ‘preview’ of the travel experience, which facilitates decisions regarding pre / post-journey travel and hospitality packages.

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Success story: Robotic process automation streamlines travel and leave management

US airline saves ~ 300 person days per year by automating HR processes using Infosys AssistEdge.


Challenges & Solutions

Virtual agents personalize interactions despite zero-human touch.

Trained algorithms answer queries and interact with travelers in several languages.

Cognitive platforms manage the travel lifecycle by understanding specific requirements of travelers.