A popular airline in America needed to enhance their systems to manage traffic and deliver services to their customers

Key Challenges

The airline sought to offer curbside check-in service at airports with high passenger volumes.

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Infosys Solution

Infosys micro services architecture solution enables a leading airline to offer curbside check-in service

Infosys – Curbside Check-in Delights Airline Passengers

Infosys implemented an AWS based micro services architecture solution to modernize the check-in process and transmit notifications to agents. Our application adopts responsive web design to support diverse form factors, including laptops, tablets and smart phones.

The robust security framework for curbside check-in workflow enables agents to handle complex check-in scenarios such as payment, overweight baggage, and special travel service requests.

Our technology approach enhances system performance and minimizes backend calls to manage baggage and print boarding passes. An analytics dashboard offers visibility into operations and improves decision-making.

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Curbside check-in delights airline passengers

  • Convenient check-in improves guest experience
  • Intuitive user interface helps agents manage peak traffic
  • Centralized logging framework and reusable components rationalize cost of service