The Infosys Travel & Hospitality practice helps airlines and air / helicopter charter enterprises harvest insights of travelers’ behavior to personalize experiences and augment quality of service. The Infosys Genome Solution, an intelligent data solution, is a ‘marketplace’ for data discovery and self-service analytics. It integrates real-time data from diverse sources for explorative, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Our solution provides a contextual understanding of a traveler’s behavior and preferences to recommend bespoke services. The ‘customer information fabric’ of the Infosys Genome Solution enriches psychographic data with advanced analysis of social feeds as well as cross-channel interactions, including online shopping, purchase patterns, and campaign response.

The Infosys Genome Solution sequences gene blocks along frequency, temporal and monetary dimensions of traveler’s attributes, thereby creating a unique identity for each traveler. The comprehensive profiling exercise enables customer-oriented strategies to engage deeply with travelers and cultivate loyalty. For example, an assessment of a family on vacation may prompt a recommendation of a premium club accommodation rather than an upgrade to Business Class during a long layover.

Our solution incorporates a Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based chatbot, prefabricated attributes, and data modeling tools. Our open source data platform is compatible with hybrid cloud infrastructure, and facilitates reusability of data structures (gene blocks and genome attributes). Significantly, data scientists can configure information models and attributes for specific analytics requirements or use cases across booking, accommodation and entertainment.

Our pre-built repositories reduce the time, effort and cost of advanced customer analytics.

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White paper: Redefine the millennial travel experience

Big data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning help travel and hospitality enterprises address business challenges and manage customer expectations.

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Challenges & Solutions

Technology accelerators collate enterprise, partner, digital asset, and customer data to generate networked data products.

Processing engine derives customer attributes and creates behavioral gene blocks.

Pre-built model libraries and analytics workbench accelerate integrated analytics.