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Your enterprise needs to capitalize on the growth in passenger and freight volume while avoiding delays and disruptions. You should offer personalized service while managing last-minute changes in schedules. Further, you should rationalize costs while boosting productivity and efficiency.

The Infosys Travel and Hospitality practice helps global airline companies address business challenges by migrating to the cloud. Infosys Cobalt, a repository of robust platforms and services, builds cloud capabilities and integrates the ecosystem. Our cognitive tools create a connected airline enterprise that senses business requirements, adapts to changes, and helps executives take data-driven decisions. Our approach helps airlines achieve diverse goals:

Our IP assets accelerate the cloud journey, while our accelerators help airlines bridge the gap between frontend customer systems and backend technologies. Significantly, Infosys Cobalt offers a scalable architecture to integrate IT systems of airlines, airports, ground transportation centers, technology suppliers, and third-party service providers. It enables us to leverage AWS compute, network, database, data processing, monitoring, scripting, and storage inventory to build, deploy and manage bespoke applications for the aviation industry.

Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud (ICAC) solution is a model office built on cloud for the Airline industry. It consists of cloud native business solutions built to cater to different consumer of the airline industry such as authorities, passengers, Airline DOA, Station manager and ground Staff. The industry cloud is built using composable architecture principles providing business capabilities such as seamless loyalty management, Human Centric Personalized Experience, Unit Load Device (ULD) management & tracking, Smart Monitoring alleviating security concerns among others.

Infosys capitalizes on the service discovery mechanism and log aggregation services of the AWS Cloud to help airline enterprises enhance business performance and deepen customer engagement. Our AWS Cloud-native preconfigured solutions streamline operations:

Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud (ICAC)

Global ULD Tracer | Watchtower | Infosys Genome Solution

Our AWS Cloud competency spans technology, data management and systems integration. We ensure reliability of solutions through functional validation in the development, staging and quality assurance environments. We undertake non-functional load testing and endurance testing in the pre-production environment to ensure resilience and availability of services. Notably, we use a ‘digital brain’ to extract insights from errors, metrics and logs to improve application performance. Significantly, we configure third-party tools to trace application-level logs, define thresholds for the health and workload of applications, and generate alerts for metrics-based performance monitoring systems hosted on AWS Cloud.

Infosys Travel and Hospitality Cloud platform takes clients through Cloud-led transformation, across every transformation themes irrespective of the stage of their Cloud journey. Our experience spans AWS Cloud assets and monitoring tools

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AWS skill development

  • Infosys Lex training platform offers more than 700 classroom and assisted training courses across AWS Cloud services
  • Infosys Aviation Academy creates a bespoke curriculum for airlines, hotels, and other travel and hospitality-specific software products hosted on AWS Cloud

AWS expertise

  • AWS CloudFormation for provisioning resources and environments
  • AWS Direct Connect to connect on-premises data stores and services
  • AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) to host container services, and Amazon S3 for document / content backup and storage
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (AKS) to host microservices, and Amazon Application Load Balancer (ALB) for microservices traffic load balancing
  • Amazon SQL and SNS for internal communication

AWS experience

  • Using Amazon Route 53 for health check and latency-based routing of web requests across regions
  • Monitoring near real-time metrics in Amazon CloudWatch logs for services such as Amazon Route 53, Aurora MySQL and ALB
  • Leveraging AWS ECS logs to track containers, CPU and memory utilization, and average response time
  • Deploying AWS CloudTrail for account-level tracking and audit

Infosys Expertise

  • 10+ Years of Cloud Practice
  • Global Partnerships Ecosystem
  • 66,000+ Cloud Professionals
  • 200+ Modernization Engagements

Challenges & Solutions

Cloud-hosted CRM platforms enable enterprises to provide customer self-service and deliver a seamless digital experience.

Automated verification systems ensure adherence with standard operating procedures and civil aviation security requirements.

Digital backbone connects agents, partner airlines, merchandisers, and ancillary service providers to boost inflight and in-lounge sales.

Clean energy roadmap through sustainable initiatives like ESG-as-a-service, reducing GHG emissions etc.