The Infosys Travel & Hospitality practice helps airline carriers, travel management companies, online travel agents, content aggregators, and travel service providers create a retail ecosystem by adopting New Distribution Capability (NDC) and ONE Order standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In addition, we partner with travel software enterprises to incorporate NDC standards into proprietary IT products. Our experts ensure compliance with NDC across CRM, data warehouse, and passenger service systems.

The Infosys NDC architecture includes a pricing and marketing offers engine as well as a merchandising engine. It helps stakeholders in the travel industry align product, order and distribution strategies. Our standardized data system facilitates collaboration between travel partners and stakeholders to offer value-added services. The bundling of airline services, merchandise and auxiliary hospitality supplies ensures a superior travel experience while growing revenue. Ancillary products range from extra legroom, seat upgrades and personalized meal plans to insurance, airport concierge services, and car rentals.

Our rich experience of implementing the NDC reference architecture and XML schemas helps us streamline message flow and apply tools for consistent content distribution. Our semi-automated NDC exchange and transformation platform maps data structure and elements to the NDC format.

We develop third-party interfaces and Application Programming Interface (API) plug-ins to integrate the standardized NDC schema with existing workflows. It ensures a ‘single source of truth,’ including flight schedules, price and seat availability, across booking channels. In addition, it simplifies content search across retail channels, and drives brand differentiation. Significantly, an NDC-compliant infrastructure rationalizes distribution costs.

Our NDC-compliant APIs support airline product / service bundling as well as co-branding with travel and hospitality partners.

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Challenges & Solutions

Expertise in integrating central reservation system, Global Distribution System (GDS) and NDC-compliant portfolios to manage inventory, distribution, sales, and marketing.

Big data analytical models, passenger genome-based personas, and predictive algorithms provide contextual insights for personalizing offers and cross-sell / up-sell of ancillary services.

NDC adapters and APIs facilitate real-time merchandising / partner data sharing across channels, while ensuring an omni-channel experience.