An enterprise that aggregates and publishes airfare and related data for the air travel industry.

Key Challenges

The enterprise wanted to implement the New Distribution Capability (NDC) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to enhance services to airlines and travel agencies.

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Infosys Solution

Infosys implemented New Distribution Capability (NDC)-compliant processes to boost offerings of an airfare data services provider

Infosys – NDC Ecosystem Drives Airline Services

Infosys developed a message platform on AWS for translation and transformation of messages from legacy schema to NDC, an XML-based data transmission standard to streamline communication and simplify distribution of rich media content.

We undertook field-level mapping of messages in the NDC format to ensure reliable transmission of a high volume of content. Our NDC-compliant ecosystem addressed architectural constraints in the legacy Global Distribution System (GDS). Further, standardized communication optimized revenue accounting for all stakeholders in the airfare ecosystem.

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Curbside check-in delights airline passengers

The enterprise’s NDC-compliant systems boost offerings of the data services provider. It helps airlines and travel agents -

  • Differentiate their business via bundled fares, seating / food choices, frequent flyer programs, and in-flight entertainment
  • Offer a personalized travel experience to guests
  • Better manage product and service distribution
  • Increase merchandising and ancillary revenue
  • Rationalize cost of distribution / operations
  • Implement dynamic pricing