The global aviation ecosystem has set ambitious targets to reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and is estimated that almost 450 billion liters of SAF will be needed to achieve Net Zero by 2050. Moving to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is perhaps one of the most important shifts the industry is making towards becoming tangibly greener.

The SAFc framework is expected to play an increasingly important role in enabling organizations outside the aviation sector (customers and business partners) to play a more direct role in reducing aviation emissions. This is to be achieved by allowing organizations willing to share in the higher cost of SAF to claim reductions in SAF emissions- thus furthering their own commitment to reducing carbon footprint.

A SAFc marketplace for the aviation industry will typically bring together multiple players as shown in the diagram below:

Smooth functioning of an SAFc marketplace requires efficient, timely and secure flow of accurate information between various stakeholders.

Infosys SAFc is part of Integrated NetZero Platform powered by Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud (ICAC); a model office built on cloud for the Airline industry. Through this platform, the airlines can monitor, measure, and mitigate carbon emissions. From enabling route optimization in the air to minimizing emissions on ground and supporting energy management, this solution can help you take the next step towards sustainability.

Our blockchain technologies are inherently ideal for building and managing robust, secure, scalable SAFc solutions based on the Book & Claim model.

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Generating and transmitting SAF credits in the form of Fungible Tokens enhances security by making the SAFc tamper-proof. This real-time approach provides a convenient, transparent, and efficient way for all stakeholders in the SAFc value chain and makes it easy to manage SAFc accounting. It can support multiple SAFc standards. Besides automating issuance, trading, and retirement of SAFc, it can provide perpetual, real-time traceability, and audit trails.


  • Immutable Tracking: Solution utilizes an immutable tracking system of SAF credits from the point of issuance to retirement, ensuring verification and eliminating any concerns about the legitimacy of claims.
  • Complete Transparency: Solution offers unwavering transparency regarding claims made for each specific batch of SAF, fostering trust and confidence in the system.
  • Prevents Double Counting: Solution prevents double issuance, usage, or claiming, upholding the integrity of the entire process.
  • Transparent Marketplace: Solution proposes a transparent marketplace for trading of SAF certificates (SAFc), where all the offers and bids are transparent to all the participants.
  • Tokenization: SAFc’s issued as ERC1155 tokens, to ensure authenticity, security, and adherence to standard specification.


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Challenges & Solutions

This solution is design to implement SAF accounting framework based on Book & Claim leveraging Blockchain technology. It also enables a decentralized marketplace facilitating the trade of SAF Certificates, thereby catalyzing additional demand for SAF by generating new funding that can be used to cover its price premium and which in turn creates market demand signals to drive investment in increasing SAF production capacity.

This solution enforces the Airline operator to mention the SAF retirement type (Voluntary/Compliance), so there is no scope of claiming the same certificate for multiple purposes.

At the time of SAF Registration, solution requires the supplier to list down the buyer of the SAF with the supporting details like SO, Airline Operator, Airport, Flight details.

Using credentials verification, the documents related to SAF sustainability can be cross verified against the repositories of issuing bodies.