Aeromexico’s Fernando Rocha on Synergy in Technology and People 

“People is the key, if we have the right people with the right mindset, we can do anything on technology” – Fernando Rocha

Watch this exclusive interview shot at AWS Reinvent, featuring Fernando Rocha, VP IT, CIO, Aeroméxico, interviewed by Kumar Paramasivam, VP and Global Head – Travel and Hospitality and Professional Services, Infosys, which highlights about leveraging right technology such as AWS Cloud solutions, in this rapidly changing industry and the importance of constant upskilling, reskilling of the workforce by learning new ways of working. He continues by emphasizing on cloud adoption, how AWS plans to brings scale and agility AeroMexico’s operations and commerce, and strong partnership with Infosys, as their digital transformation partner.

Enterprises can leverage the full potential of the cloud ecosystem such as AWS and Infosys Cobalt’s thriving community of business and technology innovators to drive increased business value. AWS Cloud is helping organizations like AeroMexico become digital native in the airline world, by enabling new capabilities to unleash potential for digital disruption, improving customer journey and leading to higher revenues and lower IT costs. Infosys Cobalt offerings helps businesses redesign the enterprise, from the core, and build new cloud-first capabilities to create seamless experiences in public, private and hybrid cloud, across landscapes.

  • Assessed Aeromexico's business-critical applications and provided Target Reference Architecture using AWS Cloud Technologies, resulting in more efficient resource utilization and processing time reduction.
  • Infosys Identified common Application patterns and provided Reference architecture for basic building blocks that the Solutions Architects could use to design migration of AeroMexico applications to AWS Cloud.
  • Infosys helped standardize data exchange for files, messages, and APIs between Sabre and Aeromexico with enhanced security encryption and fine-grained access control.
  • Infosys provided review and recommendations for AeroMexico's proposed target architecture, enabling teams to kickstart migration to AWS.
  • Infosys designed DevSecOps strategy for AeroMexico addressing Web and Mobile with Security integrated into the CI/CD pipeline, including Policy violation check, SAST, SCA, DAST, and Image scanning.
  • Infosys developed a migration tool to transfer customer data from Oracle RDBMS to DynamoDB NoSQL database.

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