A popular airline in America wanted to capitalize on data for business advantage.

Key Challenges

The airline wanted to uncover meaningful insights from passenger survey data.

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Infosys Solution

Infosys undertook sentiment analysis to uncover meaningful insights from an airline passenger survey

Infosys - Airline Passenger Sentiment Analysis Rationalizes Crew Size

The Infosys analytics team undertook multi-aspect sentiment analysis to make sense of passenger survey results. Our experts analyzed passenger satisfaction based on on-time arrival, in-flight service, and frequent flyer programs.

Infosys used the word embedding technique for textual analysis. We assigned sentiment polarity scores for each aspect of the passenger experience, and allocated weightage to crew members for consistency in their performance.

We leveraged Python for data analysis and Microsoft Power BI for data visualization.

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Airline passenger sentiment analysis rationalizes crew size

Advanced data analysis helped the airline improve performance by identifying –

  • Consistent high performers among the crew
  • Optimum size and composition of the crew
  • Factors influencing passenger experience - food, ambience, in-flight entertainment, and cost
  • Metrics to gauge passenger experience on long-distance flights - in-flight experience, check-in wait time, flight cancellation/ delay, and quality of luggage handling service