Forbes Spotlight: Aeromexico Flies To The Cloud To Improve Agility

“The primary goal is not cost savings and rationalization, but rather the ability to build new capabilities quickly - to be more agile and competitive.”
Fernando Rocha, VP IT and CIO, Aeromexico

In this Forbes article, Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline and a leader in Latin American aviation, highlights about the process of moving and modernizing critical applications to the cloud while delivering better customer experience, more innovation, and a stream of operational efficiencies with a need to radically overhaul the entire application ecosystem while maintaining security and uptime to achieve business objectives.

According to Fernando Rocha, there was an immediate need to standardize and automate as much as possible while making the IT environment modular and microservices-oriented.

To be able to do so, Aeromexico chose Infosys as their strategic partner mainly because of a "good alignment in terms of vision and a partnership where both companies can benefit.", according to Rocha and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as cloud provider. Infosys is building an end-to-end DevSecOps pipeline using AWS-native services which resolves that tension, delivering new software and services at agile speed without compromising application security. This move will enable Aeromexico to respond quickly to market demands, enhance customer experience, and enhance operational IT capabilities.

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