A North American environmental solutions provider wanted to optimize its treatment, recovery, and disposal processes.

The company sought a smart logistics solution to manage truck appointments and monitor truck movement in real time. Infosys created a Web-based logistics solution, including a mobile app for truck drivers with GPS-based navigation to the waste treatment facility.

Key Challenges

  • Manual appointments by waste producers, trucking companies and drivers, and waste management facility operators
  • Difficulty in making changes and rescheduling appointments
  • Lack of information on available capacity at riser and facility level to manage facility maintenance

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The Solution

Smart logistics streamlines treatment, recovery, and disposal processes

Infosys implemented a surveillance system leveraging the home grown Infosys Location Based Services (LBS) platform IP to provide the company with situational awareness of and control over daily processes.

Our team created a mobile app on iOS and Android for waste carrier truck drivers to review, book, edit, and cancel appointments. The app also provides drivers with navigation support.

Our application enables the company to manage both scheduled as well as unscheduled appointments, and record logbook entry events. It generates Web notifications and push notifications for the mobile app. It also enables GPS tracking of the truck fleet with notifications on entry and exit of vehicles at treatment facilities.

We integrated our solution with the existing riser panel information receiving systems, along with sharing information about wait times and details of trucks in the queue. It generates daily reports about the quantity of waste received, wait times and other relevant information.

Solution enables smart logistics and optimal waste management

  • Real-time monitoring and analytics boost productivity while fulfilling appointments for treatment, recovery, and disposal facilities
  • Scheduling system improves the user experience for the entire process


Online appointments
Web-based solution allows stakeholders to book appointments electronically

Appointment management
It optimizes delivery schedules with track, review, change, reschedule options, and an appropriate role-based approval system

An alert system generates notifications for different events such as available capacity at riser and facility