Infosys implements smart logistics for efficient waste collection at scale and velocity. We help waste management enterprises establish a connected fleet ecosystem to automate route planning and schedule waste collection. Our solutions are underpinned by advanced data analytics to make sense of diverse data points, including real-time updates from smart bins, the weather bureau, and traffic across the civic infrastructure.

Our smart logistics approach enhances efficiencies in waste collection and disposal with timely and cost-effective fleet utilization. Our Live Enterprise suite collates and transmits data to a command center that optimizes vehicle scheduling and route planning. A connected fleet of vehicles operates as and when required while allowing schedule and route changes based on real time data.

Infosys smart fleet solutions combine data analytics, artificial intelligence and automation to boost fleet utilization and performance. Our sophisticated algorithms identify optimal scheduling and route planning as well as reassign or right size the fleet based on the load factor.

Our fleet telematics system rationalizes the cost of operations while ensuring compliance with environment, health, and safety regulations. Infosys Cobalt, our cloud ecosystem, provides waste management enterprises with cloud solution blueprints to manage data from electronic logging systems at landfills, vehicle sensors and mobile devices of drivers. Our asset management solutions predict automotive component failure and broadcast timely alerts for preventive vehicle maintenance.

Smart logistics optimizes waste collection while rationalizing the cost of operations.

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Challenges & Solutions

Smart logistics enables optimal fleet scheduling and timely waste collection.

Automated route planning based on real-time updates of fill levels in smart bins and traffic rationalizes costs.

A connected fleet of vehicles allows real-time monitoring of operations and optimal resource utilization.