The science of waste management meets the art of design thinking

Infosys applies design thinking and defines indigenous frameworks to develop advanced waste management solutions by leveraging green technology for the collection, storage, disposal, and treatment of waste.

Segregation at source

Infosys is a global company with a workforce of 240,000+ employees in 46 countries. Our Green Initiatives team designs zero waste to landfill solutions at scale. We segregate up to 91% of waste at source. It includes hazardous (bio-medical and e-waste), non-hazardous (food, garden, and recyclable waste) and mixed waste.

Scientific storage

We ensure that our vendors follow scientific methods of waste storage in landfills and scrapyards. Toxic waste is stored in four levels of containment to prevent leakage. Biomedical waste is stored at 5° Celsius before it is incinerated using eco-friendly methods and governed by local regulatory policies.

Waste disposal and treatment

Non-hazardous waste is managed by recyclers authorized by local pollution control boards. This process is overseen by our in-house team to ensure that storage and recycling operations meet local and global civic and regulatory guidelines.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Infosys adopts an EPR policy to source computers, laptops, and electronics from vendors. The empaneled vendors buy back hardware at the end of the lifecycle and / or refurbish and return them in working condition.