Infosys leverages advanced digital technologies to convert waste into a sustainable business. Our framework for the circular economy enables clear line of sight to upcycle waste for the development of new products and applications.

Our team leverages a suite of digital technologies, including blockchain, big data, Internet-of-Things sensors, and cloud computing for granular visibility across the product lifecycle from manufacturing to product obsolescence and back. We enable reverse logistics to return products at the end of their lifecycle to manufacturers for development of new, repurposed or recycled products. Our reference organization (REF-OR-M) Eco Watch sustainability solution enables data collection and monitoring, auditing, and stakeholder management for adherence to circular economy standards.

Infosys designs information workflows across the product value chain to realize Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for manufacturing enterprises. Manufacturers can devise sustainable business practices with granular visibility into their environmental footprint by capturing data metrics such as water consumption, carbon emissions and waste generation.

Infosys follows an EPR policy to source computers, laptops, and electronics from empaneled vendors who buy back hardware and / or refurbish and return them in working condition.

Infosys partners with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to support the global movement of a circular economy. We partner with enterprises to incorporate circular design into products, services, and supply chains by adopting green technology.

Our framework for the circular economy fosters responsible behavior and business practices by diverse constituents.

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Challenges & Solutions

Waste management can be a catalyst of the circular economy by evangelizing green technology for sustainable manufacturing and responsible consumer behavior.

Waste provides business opportunities to drive new product innovation and introduce new engagement models with consumers and companies.