The Infosys Waste Management practice undertakes field service process design to maximize the productivity of the field force. We create a digital twin of the connected field force and fleet ecosystem to drive operational excellence. Our field force management solution empowers a mobile field force to make timely and informed decisions in the last mile of waste collection and disposal.

Our transformation approach covers the lifecycle of the workforce. Infosys Wingspan platform accelerates the onboarding and training of new recruits as well as field service professionals. Our cloud- and mobile-first learning platform leverages open source to facilitate knowledge discovery as well as assess proficiency levels. Our Live Enterprise suite leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to select field staff, identify vehicles based on capacity, and undertake scheduling and route planning for daily operations.

A connected ecosystem is the foundation for excellence in field service operations. Infosys combines data analytics with smart logistics for optimal labor and fleet allocation. Significantly, a mobile workforce makes data-oriented decisions resulting in accelerated turnaround times and lower total cost of operations.

The Infosys XR platform supports the field force in troubleshooting and installation. Our platform brings together real-world and virtual environments to provide an immersive working and learning experience for the field force. The Infosys gamification solution boosts the productivity of the field force while rating and incentivizing performance among peers.

Field force management solution empowers professionals to make informed decisions on the go.

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Challenges & Solutions

Field service solution matches field tasks with appropriate skill level and quantum of waste with suitable vehicle capacity.

Real-time visibility into smart bins and logistics ensures clockwork precision in operations.

A connected field force and fleet ensure real-time planning and execution.