Driving Operational Excellence by Maximizing Vehicle Uptime

The waste management industry demands an efficient fleet of vehicles for collection of waste from the source and disposal at landfill sites. The fleet of automated sideload trucks, compressed natural gas trucks, front end loaders, and roll-off containers needs to be in optimal working condition to manage the scale of operations daily.

Infosys Vehicle Maintenance (iVM) solution allows waste management enterprises to maintain their vehicles in peak condition, undertake predictive maintenance, and schedule timely inspections. Our cloud solution leverages telematics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to monitor diverse parameters of vehicles and maximize fleet uptime.

Predictive maintenance

Our cognitive system assesses the condition of vehicles and triggers an alert about engine and transmission failure, battery life, brakes, axles, and steering issues in advance. Machine learning harnesses vehicle data to enhance the accuracy of predicting malfunction of parts or components.

Automatic scheduling of inspection

Our system incorporates an algorithm to schedule maintenance based on 5,000+ parameters of the vehicle in seconds. A dashboard displays average garage utilization and vehicle downtime during the maintenance period.

Our solution improves availability of the vehicle fleet by 10%, increases vehicle life by 15%, and reduces the total cost of operations by 20%.