The Infosys Waste Management practice adopts an omnichannel approach to attract, engage, and retain customers. We blend automation with cognitive technologies to facilitate two-way communication between the business and customers. It helps waste management enterprises become more responsive by aligning processes to better serve customers. Our Live Enterprise suite transforms the business into a sentient enterprise that senses and responds to the needs of customers.

Our customer engagement solution for waste management spans the customer lifecycle and industry value chain - from sharing waste collection schedules/route updates and billing alerts to resolving customer queries and providing proactive service. Our team combines portal, mobility, and smart solutions to provide personalized service across digital channels.

Infosys streamlines processes and develops seamless data pathways across the supply chain to serve customers across touchpoints. We help waste management enterprises provide omnichannel service through a smart contact center. Our Nia chatbot delivers personalized service by interfacing with the ecosystem of messaging platforms, mobile apps, and smart speakers. It leverages natural language processing to understand the context/intent and extracts relevant data from enterprise systems to resolve customer queries.

Infosys Personalized Smart Video solution provides waste management enterprises with the ability to create and share personalized content with each customer. It incorporates personalization and text-to-speech features to develop educational videos for customers about waste segregation, recycling, and the circular economy.

Our omnichannel approach enables customers to seamlessly resolve issues across channels.

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Challenges & Solutions

Customer support should be automated and augmented by cognitive technologies for timely resolution.

Customers should be served across digital channels along with DIY and self-service options.

Enterprises need a consolidated view of customer interaction to engage and retain customers.