Infosys partners with waste management enterprises to adopt a smart approach for waste collection and disposal at scale. We incorporate automation, integrate processes across the value chain and drive operational excellence in waste collection, sorting, disposal and recycling. Our Live Enterprise suite helps enterprises sense and respond to scheduled as well as unplanned events in real time while enabling contactless operations.

Our end-to-end solution monitors waste at the source - a network of sensors in smart bins pings data about the bin capacity and threshold level, types of waste as well as time of the last waste collection. The network of smart bins is powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) to track fill levels in real time and prevent spillage.

Our solution combines computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to streamline the process of sorting and segregation of different types of waste. An autonomous drone system captures images of waste at the landfill while industrial grade smart cameras record different types of waste at the conveyor belt. This data is transmitted to robots for distinguishing and segregating waste into the appropriate container or chamber.

Our smart waste management ecosystem minimizes human intervention by automating waste collection and landfill management. It boosts the productivity of the fleet crew, augments upcycling and recycling of waste, and accelerates the shift to a circular economy.

Infosys applies design thinking, develops frameworks, and implements advanced technologies for waste collection, disposal, and treatment of waste at development centers in India.

Our smart approach to waste collection and disposal minimizes human intervention and drives operational excellence.

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Challenges & Solutions

The waste collection and disposal process needs to be streamlined and augmented with smart technologies to mitigate risks.

Real-time visibility into waste at the source through a network of IoT sensors ensures optimal hygiene and sanitation.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ensures contactless waste collection and disposal operations.