100% recycling and reuse, zero wastewater

As a member of the CEO Water Mandate, an initiative of the UN Global Compact for sustainable development, Infosys made a commitment to ‘zero wastewater discharge’ in 2014. We adopted advanced technology to achieve the milestone, while driving freshwater conservation by recycling wastewater efficiently for safe reuse.

State-of-the-art recycling

Infosys reengineered, retrofitted, and modified Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) across campuses and applied best practices in industrial wastewater treatment. Advanced membrane bioreactor technology, energy-efficient pumps and automation improve the load capacity of STPs and minimize maintenance. It ensures consistent recycling and enhances the quality of treated wastewater.

Reusing treated wastewater

We use recycled wastewater within campuses for gardening, landscape maintenance, and makeup requirements of cooling towers for air conditioning. In addition, dedicated plumbing lines for treated water in all buildings facilitate the use of recycled wastewater for flushing.

Turning blackwater into compost

Infosys collaborated with Leibniz University Hannover, Germany to design automated solar dryers for treating and drying sludge. A robotic system automates cleaning of solar panels and wastewater treatment. Dried sludge is blended with organic compost when irrigating plants in the campus.