Date: September 12-14, 2023

Venue: Moscone Center, San Francisco

Booth no.: 300

Event Overview

Infosys is a leading provider of Salesforce consulting and advisory services. As a part of Infosys Cobalt, we help enterprises across industries and channels achieve their business objectives. Our services are reinforced by our capabilities and offerings in driving outstanding customer experience across the world. These services are bolstered further by our local presence in Europe with Fluido, and in North America and Australia with Simplus.

This year, our theme for Dreamforce is ‘Scale New Summits with Infosys Salesforce Services’. We empower enterprises to create meaningful connections and enrich customer experiences. With our advanced concept-to-creation capabilities built on a foundation of AI, data, and CRM offerings, we deliver hyper-personalized, immersive, proactive, predictive, and memorable human experiences. Our additional strategic acquisitions in this space including WongDoody, Blue Acorn iCi, Oddity, BASE life science, and Panaya reinforce our capabilities and solutions. Partner with Infosys to leverage the full potential of the Salesforce ecosystem and transform your business into a highly responsive, connected, and insights-driven live enterprise.

The theme has two dimensions:

  • Scale New Summits with Reimagined Human Experiences: With Infosys by your side, you can elevate and transform your customer experience journey across all devices and touch-points while being future-ready and mindful of sustainability.
  • Scale New Summits with Self-Funded Accelerated Transformation: Powered by the Infosys Cobalt and Infosys Topaz platforms, solutions, and offerings, with AI and Gen AI capabilities, we help enterprises take the cost out of their Salesforce-IT ecosystem to fund and accelerate transformation.

Key Takeaways

Visit our booth to hear from leaders and industry experts on:

  • Ways to bring customer experience to life with new business models
  • The role of technology to achieve agility with improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer-centricity
  • How Infosys has leveraged Salesforce to help clients run industry-leading CX initiatives and navigate growth during these unprecedented times
  • How to amplify customer lifecycle management across all digital touchpoints.

Content Sessions

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About us

Infosys is a leading Salesforce Global Strategic and Summit Partner that brings exceptional expertise and innovation through the platform to clients across the world.

Infosys empowers enterprises to create meaningful connections and enrich customer experiences beyond moments that matter. Our acquisition of WongDoody, Fluido, Simplus, Blue Acorn iCi, Oddity, and BASE life science further reinforce our capabilities and offerings.

We leverage innovative multi-cloud solutions and unique industry-specific IPs to tailor our services to each organization. With our capable consultants across 50 countries, and a high, steadily-rising CSAT score, we have both the quality and quantity to support your organization’s Salesforce digital transformation objectives.