In a Demanding Macro-Environment and Digital-First World, Product-Centricity Wins

Alok Uniyal

Alok Uniyal, Vice President & Head – Process Consulting, Infosys

Alok leads the IT Process Consulting Practice at Infosys. He is also driving the Agile & DevOps Transformation at Infosys. As a seasoned IT Professional with rich experience in IT Consulting & Transformation, Alok specializes in helping organizations embrace New Ways of Working, leveraging Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking - towards greater Business Agility & Resilience - translating to faster and better business outcomes. Over his 25 years of career, Alok has consulted many large corporations, globally.

This insightful article talks about how a product-centric approach gives enterprises the best shot at achieving a long-term, self-propelled strategy for innovation and business resilience.

Even though economic challenges persist, enterprises cannot afford to pull back on their digital transformation budgets, considering the intensely competitive nature of business today. The need for speed in delivering positive outcomes and value is topmost, and enterprises must invest in or continue seeking digital tools and technologies that will ensure they keep up with competitors. This creates a tug-of-war scenario for business leaders as they must reconcile these investment costs and the value generated.

The increasing shift to a digital-first world has amplified the need for sustainable innovation and value realization. Organizations investing in tech are also cognizant of the need to evolve quickly and consistently deliver innovative capabilities.

Read the article to know more about what is inhibiting sustainable innovation and the merits of a product-centric approach to development.

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