Enterprises operate in an increasingly complex world disrupted by new digital technologies that throw up opportunities and threats from unexpected places. The challenge is to be able to sense, respond quickly, frequently and almost instinctively, after analyzing them like living creatures do. This is the vision driving the Live Enterprise – the organization that is always ready for what's next. There is a need to reimagine Application Management Services (AMS) strategy to create an enterprise IT and application landscape that supports the realization of this Live Enterprise vision.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform provides a platform-centric approach for AMS services that makes application management agile, intelligent, integrated and business aligned thereby enabling enterprises realize the live enterprise vision.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform

How does Infosys deliver value in the area of Application Management Services?


Our cloud-enabled, open platform will sense, analyze and assist AMS teams to take swift decisions, optimize operations and prevent disruptions. Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform is an end-to-end platform that benefits the enterprise right from transition to steady state service delivery to sustained continuous improvements and transformation. It helps you achieve significantly lower TCO for application management with efficiencies driven by Conversational AI, elimination of work drivers, business aligned support services, streamlined processes and automation of application management.

Our platform adds immense value to enterprises by:

  • Creating digital knowledge management assets and application intelligence analytics during transition to foster automated, accelerated and efficient IT support and maintenance services
  • Providing a digital brain that traces the errors, metrics and logs from all tools which feeds into the Infosys AI Operations Solution to improve the availability, reliability, and performance of application landscape in a business context
  • Improving IT Operations Efficiency by applying next-gen technology like AI, Conversational AI, Cognitive Automation along with Agile, DevOps & Microservices Architecture
  • Enabling enterprises sense the changing business needs, state of the underlying IT processes, operations and application transactions & IT health continuously, make decisions at zero latency and prevent business disruptions
  • Providing faster time to market and better value realization by fostering and accelerating digital transformation initiatives like application portfolio rationalization and modernization, cloud and IIOT adoption etc., with the right combination of best-of-breed commercial off the shelf products as well as open source software and in-house tools

Challenges & Solutions

Provides Conversational Application support through intelligent Chatbots to answer queries through natural language interfaces instead of complex forms. This helps improve user experience, response time and availability.

Enables the IT systems to sense and analyze the application and maintenance related data to drive advanced automation including Cognitive automation, RPA and L3 task automation which significantly augments support engineers' productivity

Provides an IT operations big data lake and machine learning algorithm driven predictive ops analytics to analyze historical tickets, application error logs and IT health metrics to identify patterns, detect anomalies, predict issues and prevent disruptions.

Provides tools to digitize support process and create knowledge artifacts. Also provides process harmonization solution that helps compare customer process against Gold / Industry standard processes to find opportunities for optimization.

Enables incubation of emerging technology solutions through living labs. Provides common usecases and starter kits that help apply emerging technologies like Cloud, AI, IoT and BlockChain in enterprise contexts.

Provides an enterpise gamification tool that helps model application support tasks as fun games thereby helping motivate participation, engagement and friendly competitions in support team and align the teams to the business goals.

Helps to define and model customer journeys and value streams as a digital twin and proactively monitor associated business process driven metrics with a business control center to align support tasks to business goals.

Provides Application portfolio rationalization tools which helps identify redundant, under-utilized applications in IT portfolio, thereby enabling simplification of the IT landscape, ASM cost savings and increased business agility.