For an organization that sees great value in the existing applications and at the same time views optimizing costs as the biggest driver to modernize, re-hosting to cloud is the key. With a strong partner ecosystem, Infosys makes this decision easier for clients.

Infosys can help your organization exit legacy infrastructure, while retaining the capabilities of scalability, resilience, availability, and low-cost with mainframe re-hosting.

Strategy is the key to migrate from mainframe to cloud


Re-hosting is all about 'lifting and shifting' legacy applications and data to an emulation platform, empowered with specialized re-hosting software such as Micro Focus Enterprise Server, TmaxSoft OpenFrame, Oracle Tuxedo ART, Raincode, and modern databases.

By re-hosting, Infosys enables organizations to extend their IT capabilities through integration with multiple enterprise products and solutions, reduce total cost of ownership, and improve agility.

That’s not all. Infosys is the only company that addresses the heavy computing requirements of high transactional mainframe applications, with the help of TidalScale.


Challenges & Solutions

Knowledge based approach

Discover and analyze existing mainframe footprint with the help of tools and semi-automated methods and reduce manual intervention with tools and accelerators

Robust partner ecosystem

Being a preferred partner for leading cloud services, Infosys helps you weigh and decide the appropriate partner

Re-host any amount of MIPS to any scale

Infosys is the only company addressing this by leveraging TidalScale - a pioneer in Software-Defined Servers that simplifies the way companies can apply computing resources