Infosys legacy decommissioning solution is a step-by-step approach, providing a comprehensive framework, to achieve speed-to-value, economies of scale, simplified landscape, enable agility, and reduced run cost.

Infosys uses tools and accelerators to help analyze, migrate, and archive data during the decommissioning exercise.

How Infosys makes room for innovation and opportunities with legacy decommissioning

Lacking a data retrieval strategy?


As clients embark on simplifying and optimizing their existing mainframes, having an inclusive decommissioning strategy is essential to ensure that unused or migrated applications are retired and the data is archived for future usage.

The Infosys approach focuses on identifying and assessing applications or portfolios to be decommissioned, a detailed assessment and impact analysis, and solution planning and executing, to help clients benefit from:

  • RunToRetire : Services for decommissioning portfolio applications and archiving data
  • Data retrieval as a service : Hot and cold retrieval of data

Challenges & Solutions

Factory based approach

Specialized team at every phase helps deliver services with minimal errors

Reduce manual intervention with tools and accelerators

Risk Assessment framework

Adheres to policies and analyses all assets to eliminate procedural risks

Knowledge curation platform

Acts as a single source of truth combining processes, static technology views, and dynamic data points from systems