In today’s fast paced business environment, enterprises are trying to manage internal costs efficiently while providing superior experience to their customers. Cloud enables them to establish a foundation to deploy technical solutions rapidly, innovate with existing resources while improving the digital experience and addressing cost related concerns. That is step one, so what’s next?

Enterprises are looking for guidance to help them set up and operate an environment that is secure, efficient, and cost-effective, enabling their IT teams to focus on business outcomes and optimizing IT processes while accelerating software development and innovation. In this scenario, it is imperative to establish a practice where cross-domain considerations covering security, governance, application and resource managements, cloud financial management, etc., are adequately managed.

Secure and Efficient AWS CloudOps Services for Enhanced Customer Experience


We at Infosys deeply understand these concerns. Infosys Cloud Operations Services helps enterprises deploy their mission-critical business application on the cloud while managing governance, monitoring, compliance, and finances.

Infosys CloudOps Offerings

Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance

Build and manage AWS cloud, optimized for increased productivity and operational efficiency.

Cloud Financial Management

Cloud Financial Management

Optimized cost management from day one by organizing cloud costs and transforming with cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization.

Monitoring and Observability

Monitoring and Observability

Gain insights into the behavior, performance, and health of the systems. Detect, investigate, and remediate problems proactively by leveraging AI and ML capabilities.

Compliance and Auding

Compliance and Auditing

Implement compliance processes faster, and easier by quickly remediating noncompliance and improving security posture.

Operations Management

Operations Management

Plan and build centralized operations management by leveraging ready-to-use templates and best practices.

  • Reduction in IT Operations Effort: Our AWS Cloud Operation services combined with automation, focuses on bringing down the overall costs of Cloud Operations along with AWS hosting charges. This is done by ensuring direct visibility to cloud consumption and controlling the use of rightsized cloud resources. It also helps track its usage at a granular level identifying the consumption pattern and charging back costs.
  • Operation Automation: Reduction in IT operations effort by automating proactive processes such as patching, resource changes, and remediating issues with hundreds of runbooks reused from Infosys Cobalt.
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Improving application, infrastructure, and network availability and reducing downtime allows us to operate efficiently. This elevates customer experiences and improves business outcomes leading to better client satisfaction.

Challenges & Solutions

Our Cloud Financial Management services help clients in deriving maximum value from their cloud spend. Rigorous asset tagging, consumption tracking, and IT show-back, ensures accountability of consumption

A well-defined Cloud operating model backed by a service catalog with selectable add-on services as per client’s business needs. Also, a robust service transition approach and seamless stitching of services in the landscape to ensure zero/minimal service disruption in transition

We deliver cloud platforms that are built using ready-to-deploy catalogs, developed using AWS CloudFormation that are part of Infosys Cobalt assets. We use AWS Config to adopt Infrastructure-as-Code and Policy-as-Code for consistent configuration, auditing, and policy drift management