Scaling with Low Code to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Infosys in partnership with HFS Research has conducted a study on how enterprises are adopting and benefiting from low-code and no-code tools and experiences. This study has given us valuable insight into how Low code is becoming a more popular development platform, redefining the role of technology, and becoming a major industrial trend.

This study has also delved deeper into how Low-code development promotes agility, ease, and responsiveness on co-innovating and co-developing software applications for the business.. Low code can help businesses empower themselves with high-quality data and smart technologies that will enable them to more effectively discover client insights, preferences, and behaviors. Low code as a technology enables business users to innovate and realize their full potential when developing applications, demonstrating that the low code strategy will boost operational performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Key insights from the study

  • Low-code is a “new” tool supporting legacy and modern software development practices within the enterprise
  • Low or no-code does not mean “no coding required” and training is essential to adoption
  • Successful low-code adoption requires a OneOffice™ mindset for collaboration, partnering, and outcome-based activities
  • Services partners will play a key role in the adoption of low-code solutions as they bring tools, domain experience, and capabilities that software development teams can use to accelerate adoption
  • Training, partner support, and a focus on modernization legacy software are the keys to unleashing the potential of low-code development

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