To keep pace with change, it is essential that we combine technologies such as AI, Cloud, Analytics, Sensors to accelerate exponential outcomes, that overpower disruptive limitations.

FLUID DPA’s synergistic ability to create an evolving digital stack that meets the ever-increasing demand for convenience, contextualization and speed helps build digital platforms of future

Building digital platforms of the future


Systems within an ecosystem irrespective of their complexity need to continuously communicate and make adaptive decisions towards changes to take better control of the crisis.

Our solutions and tech frameworks empower application modernization programs and help build cloud native connected ecosystems.


Challenges & Solutions

Building a technology re-structuring strategy that integrates and repurposes the digital identities of each tech asset can empower organizations for cost efficiencies. Multi purposing is a core driver to make platforms adaptable and flexible.

Our solutions in this space such as Digital Insurer, Meter-To-Cash Automation for Utilities, Digital Government Platform leverage the existing technology assets & investments within an enterprise and injects new digital capabilities to provide a differentiated customer experience.

Enterprises should look to shift products and services more to cloud and create space for absorbing emerging technologies to expand market and across customer segments that amplify the ecosystem value

Infosys Payer on Cloud is a Next Gen Digital Operation Suite with built-in efficiency and productivity boosters for the health Care Payer Value chains.

The Solution has in-built a suite of apps such as Member Genome Allergen Information, Nurse Bot, Alternate Drug Recommender, FiTbit Integration, Predictive Health Score Calculator & Conversational Knowledge Management to bring greater value add to payer services.

Application modernization is a digital transformation prerogative, to deliver new business value and ecosystem experiences. Building solutions that improves the ways of working, re-thinking customer services against what’s being offered currently is a digital change that every organization should adopt.

Our approach to modernize includes massive simplification of existing legacy systems, automate processes to allow seamless data movement, makes it a practical, tried and tested way to modernize traditional platforms.