In today’s world there is a greater need for accelerating digital to build quick and rich experiences, to build resilience and to secure operations. This necessitated the need to build an integrated, model driven, low code development mindset as a culture of innovation. Infosys Digital Process Automation powered fluidity is the best approach to reduce development complexities and increase speed and productivity.

Accelerating digital fluidity with low-code, no-code


Driving adaptability, responsiveness, and agility in low-code no-code platforms

Infosys low-code fluidity framework, part of Infosys Cobalt, helps drive greater business outcomes for customers and help them steer forward ahead of disruptions by leveraging the low code power in building solutions that are sustainable, scalable, portable and secured.


Challenges & Solutions

Our fluid low-code framework is an ‘all-encompassing’ digital base board that can automate business processes, scale to cloud, integrate with ease and unify any data.

By simplifying development processes, they accelerate digital transformations and give enterprise’s the ability to democratize technology across business roles who are closer to actual actions (business processes).

The framework is supported by platforms and accelerators that allows flexible extension of business functions without having to replace or revamp existing infrastructure investments.

Our fluid low-code framework gives business users who are at the front line of responding and servicing customers, the authority to build their own solutions for more customer-centricity.

They empower enterprises to build brand interactions that are personalized, faster and more fluid.

The in-built accelerators within the framework helps to build progressive development platforms that offers agility and speed in quickly spinning digital experiences.

Our fluid low-code framework is designed to bring unparalleled value to enterprises by combining low-code driven process modelling, mining, and intelligent automation to establish better business processes and improve customer and employee experiences.

The framework enables enterprises to re-build the processes using low-code workflows with enriched functionalities & with built-in options to identify breakdown areas in real-time.