Enterprises are defined by their business processes, and even a single process failure could necessitate a comprehensive re-evaluation. Every event, activity, and action in a process brings value to the business through its quality and involves aspects that are essential for achieving the desired business outcome.

Deriving insights from process engines is not just complex, but challenging and risky as the connections are not obvious. With industries and markets turning highly unpredictable, staying competitive with new products has become critical. This can be achieved only when enterprises ensure excellence and efficiency within their existing process landscapes.


How we can help

PRX eliminates the traditional challenges of business process management, enabling you to optimize every transformation initiative



Enabling businesses to understand and identify optimization opportunities that are excellent for automation and offer insights into the processes that can benefit from automation the most



Helping businesses create end-to-end business process designs and value stream mapping using integrated tools to locate breakdown points that immediately highlight possible delays, functional frictions, redundancies, and optimization opportunities



Leveraging intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and continuous monitoring in real-time to help maximize the utilization of enterprise resources, while enhancing process results and business value

Our Offerings

Re-defining process excellence for a process-first organization and culture


Process Mining and Design 

We help clients realize their vision of process perfection by fusing the subjective viewpoint from the human side of process management with the objective standpoint of the actual, inner workings of the operational reality.

Business Process Optimization 

Our services help you re-engineer the defined business processes in a way that boosts productivity and better aligns each process with the broader strategic and organizational priorities.

ERP Transformations 

Our expertise in crafting digital experience and optimization wrappers for ERP platforms enables further flexibility, adaptability, and creativity to maximize process value.

Process Streamlining and Standardization 

Our accelerators and services help you to effectively adapt to a wide range of variables, including country-specific product qualities, consumer characteristics, legislation, and policies to obtain results far beyond process improvement possibilities.

Process Digital Twins  

We provide digital twin capabilities that represent the processes and their interactions with data as well as identify the domino effect of change by leveraging process mining, process mapping, scenario modelling, and simulation tools powered by AI.

Process Automation  

Our business process automation capabilities and solutions infuse intelligence into existing products (re-inventing), and help build intelligent products from the ground up, allowing for adaptive ecosystem interactions.