Optimizing Value Chain Efficiency with AI-powered Process Twins

This byline authored by Manas Sarkar, Vice President and Global Head, API Economy, Microservices, Cloud Native Development and Cloud First Integration brings forth the advantages the digital twin provides an enterprise to create a stimulated model to build their growth strategy.

The article highlights the increasing adoption of digital twins, its driving factors, and it's potential when integrated with artificial intelligence to

  • Mirror real-world operations
  • Analyze vast datasets in real-time.
  • Monitor performance.
  • Derive insights.
  • Uncover vulnerabilities and bottlenecks and take corrective measures in advance and impact created on the entire value chain as well as create next-generation products and unlock additional revenue opportunities.

Manas also details on building and executing richer models with prediction at its core, the power of AI-powered digital twins to drive innovation and maximize value creation across the value chain in engineering, manufacturing, operations, and maintenance and transform enterprises to be more efficient, resilient, and evolve & adapt to business and market changes at an agile rapid pace.

The article also focuses on Industry 4.0 as the key factor driving the growth of the digital twins amidst the current advanced state of the industry, the computing capabilities, the growth of IoT and the easy availability of 5G, blended with AI and machine learning, while also acknowledging the need to address challenges such as

  • Data integrity
  • Infrastructure limitations for effective implementation of this digital ecosystem.

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