Infosys and Appian promises simpler way to create powerful software that brings business and IT together to collaborate and deliver the right app.Proven expertise in digital services and the Appian alliance partnership help to future proof applications. Infosys along with Appian jointly modernize’ s and transform’s Business needs, thus crafting an undisputed competitive advantage for the Customers.

Partnership highlights

Infosys is recognized as a Global & Regional Partner for APAC by Appian We have Joint professional services partnership with Appian that assures strategic and executive level commitment. Infosys has been Platinum Sponsor of Appian World since 2015...

Infosys combines Appians low code development power along with its Digital process automation capabilities to build high impact, enterprise grade applications that resolves business challenges and accelerate their transformation programs.

Our strategic partnership with Appian together with our suite of software and services, helps companies drive greater business efficiency and deliver World class customer service.

Infosys Digital Automation combines the power if BPM, RPA and AI to transform the business value chain thus empowering customer. Infosys has built many Credible Tools, IPs, and Accelerators for Appian Delivery Standardization and Excellence as business partners.

Our Practice Credentials

Infosys has invested in Appian as the enabler of core Digital transformation across verticals and we are a partner of choice of leading Corporates Financial Institutions across:

  • Financial Services
    With the FS space moving towards digitization & technology disruptions our suite of frameworks and proof of concepts enable financial institutions to quickly realize benefits in renewing existing legacy application or add enriched capabilities to existing enterprise solution. We have demonstrated our capabilities around digitized Lending & Originations solutions, Retail Customer / Fund Onboarding solution with DPA capabilities, Contact center transformations with customized knowledge guidance and conversational UI that addresses the key issues financial services firms face.
  • Manufacturing and Retail
    With the ever changing and exceptionally competitive Retail and Manufacturing Sector, we have built frameworks that re engineer customer experiences across channels seamlessly. We have demonstrated a well-knit & futuristic solution for Intelligent promotion management that’s designed to win customer retention and offer the best in class discount & coupon benefits. Key capabilities include sophisticated location based marketing (using Geo fence), analytics based customer insights that allows retailers to have a greater outreach to all customer segments.
  • Health Care and Life Science
    Health care providers are on the lookout for solutions that offer improved decision-making capabilities with real-time access to patient, member, and provider data that can speed innovation & help consumers take control of their own health and thus simplify the healthcare journey. We have a comprehensive proof of health solution in place that manages member referrals, health summary & health care planning along with Suppliers (vendor Management).
  • Energy and Utilities
    Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas sector has huge process automation and optimization requirements that include workflow automation and management of end-to-end business processes including operational, financial, administrative, and customer service processes. Our Outage Management Solution empowers utilities to manage outage restoration processes and efficiently improve response times greatly thereby manage increasing customer demands.

Our Solution accelerator’s:

Dynamic Case Management – Our patented solution accelerator is designed to effectively manage unstructured work without compromising Integrity and Context visibility. The solution supports:

  • Dynamic Case Work flows (on the fly case creation)
  • Template based scaling and Visibility
  • Pulling off work context with collaboration

Dynamic Case Management helps transform the fundamental BPM processing surrounding Investigative / Service & Incident management use cases by offering a flexible and adaptive way to manage exceptions.

Project Life Cycle Management - Infosys has its own Project Life Cycle Solution that can be leveraged to log requirements and monitor them. The entire Agile project life cycle and its activities can be monitored across various Milestones and updates. The solution offers:

  • Tool Based Guided Process for entire Project Lifecycle Management
  • Inbuilt Best practices / Process recommendation
  • Comprehensive Requirements Capture for Appian
  • Single Workspace for multiple Project Domains

Rules Management Utility – We have come up with an Appian utility that can be used to dynamically define, manage rules and evaluate them without the need of purchasing external BRMS. Business users can manage the rules as per changing business scenarios without the need of doing fresh production deployment.

Key focus areas in our Appian Delivery lifecycle:

Infosys Appian delivery expertise extends end to end capable of managing multiple releases within time and budget.

  • Project Intake – begins with Process & requirements consulting followed by Appian application architecture design for the target state. Our process and governance ensures that we follow best Practices for capture of requirements per Appian’s capabilities and Solution impact addressing any complex process development.
  • Define and Design – Following intake, there is a comprehensive Application design aligning to product guidelines and coverage includes but not limited to logical data design and structuring, Integration & Identity management, Securing & Entitlement management. Infosys believes in DESIGN FOR REUSE and structured components with maximum re usability.
  • Execute – Appian COE builds complex UI and SAIL forms & Conditional UI’s scaling to multiple hierarchy levels and also develop Plugins & integration utilities that facilitate social collaborations. Our extended DPA team collaborates in implementing Automation and AI as per the tools and utilities available in Customer’s Technology framework. Infosys also the versatility to bring value adds in other execution activities such as unit and performance testing, configuration, deployments and release management as per the needs and requirements of our customers.
  • Operate – Appian COE has simplified lightweight process, governance & clear communication for portfolio management that replaces bilateral conversations. Clear direction for ways of working, established Policies, Guidelines, Standards and Frameworks that governs and measures the business value of processes, reinforcing strategic alignment among process management activities and business priorities assure that we will be strategic partners for customers with guaranteed outcomes.