Infosys is a Premier Partner of IBM and has a 360° relationship with it covering all levels of engagement like collaboration on training and certifications, Beta program participations, Solution and project consulting and additionally, access to partner channels and events.

Partnership highlights

Infosys and IBM work together systematically to objectively achieve the below business goals.

  • Tools & Accelerators for Development Speed Improvement
  • Share Experience Based Implementation Strategy
  • Digital Business Process Re-Engineering

Infosys & IBM BPM Competency and Offerings:

Business Process management is an Integral part of Infosys and is used both as a mindset/transformation methodology as well as a technology platform for building business strategies and helps customer leverage digitization in the following 4 areas:

  • Experience: Helps in providing better connect with the customers, the partners, shareholders and employees.
  • Digitization: It helps in Optimizing operation by either creating new processes and modifying or simplifying old processes.
  • Connected Devices: Finding out new ways to connect and leverage the connected devices.
  • New business model: Creating new business models, exploring new opportunities and because of that creating new and useful products.


Solutions and Accelerators

Infosys BPM Solution frameworks, which are endorsed by IBM deliver excellent services on an ongoing basis from Infosys BPM CoE that continuously develops and evolves around Industry standard BPM best practices and Industry validated/benchmarked BPM Solution frameworks.

  • InCRT – Infosys Code Review Tool
    Developed by Infosys as a set of diagnostic tools to evaluate IBM BPM application code, including Code review. This tool will be provided to the clients as a value added accelerator as a part of of the Infosys engagement at no extra cost.
  • InBPMRT – BPM real time framework
    Developed by Infosys on IBM BPM for Case Management Framework using next generation tools of Social BPM and Mobile UI help’s optimize Business operations.
  • InCMS – Infosys Complain Management System
    An omni-channel system developed by Infosys to automate customer complaint resolution process to improve the resolution time and customer satisfaction.
High Quality Assurance Framework

The high-quality assurance frameworks are divided into 3 major sections namely:

  • Inception:
    Two main factors that are provided during inception are: Knowledge Repositories, for capturing, organizing and categorizing knowledge-based information. Mostly used as private databases to manager enterprise information and BPM Checklists contributes to the inception phase of the framework.
  • Construction:
    Construction phase consists of various toolkits and checklists like IBM-BPM best practices, templates and checklists and various toolkits for Email Integration, Sharepoint Integration, PDF Generation and Audit Toolkit for auditing purposes, Exception handling toolkit for any exceptions and problems, Logging Toolkit for new customers, Automated and Review tool for coders and developer.