Infosys takes pride in its strong Pega credentials, solutions and accelerators to empower global enterprises to achieve their business vision, by bringing robust customer ecosystem experiences to life with innovative and creative solutions based on actionable data insights.

We leverage Pega to build Digital Business Platforms of future by Reimagining Business Processes, Energizing Legacy and Accelerating Business Outcomes. Infosys is a strategic and trusted Pega platinum partner for customers embarking on their Digital journey and has been helping the clients achieve a robust Digital Process Automation ecosystem. The strong partnership with Pega since 2006, has delivered multiple innovative transformations for Fortune 500 companies.

Infosys has 25+ IP’s and accelerators for Pega Delivery standardization and excellence, that has been at the forefront of designing and implementing its own innovative solutions on the Pega platform. A global pool of over 1800+ consultants and 30000+ person years of experience helps us deliver world-class solutions to our clients.

Industry Recognition

Infosys with its rich product implementations has garnered Pega Partner Excellence Award at Pega World for two consecutive years 2018 & 2019. We also have the pleasure of being rewarded the Pega Partner Award for Accelerating Growth & Business Development in 2017. Our resourceful solutions and expertise in the Telco region has been recognized by Pega by honoring us the Pega Business Transformation award in Telecommunications.

Frameworks and Solution Accelerators

  • Conversational UX for Customer Service for transforming an existing Business Process Management (BPM) customer service layer for providing an intuitive conversational User Experience (UX).
  • Smart Contracts for Pega - a Block Chain distributed ledger-based system of records integrated with Pega.
  • Robotics based Zero Code Integration Framework which provides a quick and agile integration without disrupting your existing legacy systems.
    • Infosys Pega Solution Assurance Tool (CREDIT) – a framework that helps evaluate the quality of application build by performing a thorough build and platform health analysis
    • Infosys Pega Robotics Accelerators - is a refined execution model for adoption and implementation of RPA that includes a well-defined estimation model, templates, checklists & best practices for Pega Robotics implementation