Overview: In this era of hybrid workstyle, for 145 million (and growing) daily active users, employees need the right tools to do their jobs more efficiently. Switching between apps is disruptive and leads to poor user experience, reduced efficiency, and declining productivity. In the next couple of years, a large number of organizations will have business-IT collaboration teams driving technology-based business innovation. A collaborative app is an all-in-one experience that includes persona-driven application functionality, process automation along with in-app communication and collaboration such as chat, meetings, or document collaboration using Microsoft Teams.

All-in-one experience to facilitate digital collaboration


Infosys Digital Workplace Services offers Collaborative Apps that help organizations to become more productive and create experiences that enable the flow of work, such as the ability to find, update, share, and collaborate without switching work contexts. They empower industries to embrace the modern hybrid workstyle that puts people first and drives better business results.

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Challenges & Solutions

To ensure consistent user experience, it is important to consolidate communication, collaboration, productivity, real-time meetings, ad-hoc messaging, document collaboration and business apps & process automation – all in a single application. Infosys’ Collaborative & Intelligent apps embeds apps, automation and dashboards in Teams and creates a collaborative experience makes it easier for teams to find and share data & processes, thus, reducing the need to switch back and forth to get work done.

66% of IT budgets are spent maintaining legacy systems. Infosys’ proven capabilities in building accelerators modernizes the business application landscape to integrated, collaborative, and nimble platforms. This can greatly help improve employee productivity and experience.

61% of employees spend most of their time on routine tasks. Collaborative apps offer agility and cost efficiency as key features. Infosys helps organizations modernize and digitize their workplaces, offers services that empower customers to effortlessly adopt to Microsoft’s Collaborative App platform. This unlocks organizational agility with process digitization, improving insights to influence decision making with reduced development and support cost.

The use of Collaborative apps and Power Platform (Low Code / No code), empowers users to play a bigger role in digitization process. This also helps to move away from IT driven delivery model to Business-IT collaborative model. Infosys’ frameworks and accelerators enable swift modernization by leveraging the entire spectrum of collaborative apps through MS Teams, Power apps focus on low-cost enhancement and support.