The hybrid future of work demands workplace flexibility, zero-trust security, and seamless collaborative capabilities, that empowers the workforce to navigate their workday fluidly and with ease. To come out stronger in this constantly changing mobile ecosystem, Infosys offers enterprises with solutions that are driven by intelligent analytics and protected against the highly sophisticated threat landscape by zero-trust data and identity security management.

Building a highly secure and intuitively collaborative workplace which provides enhanced employee experiences


Infosys facilitates organizations in their digital transformation journeys. The Cloud and AI/ML driven solutions present employees with seamless, secure collaborative platforms that exponentially enhance their productivity and experience and go on to make enterprises resilient in the face of digital disruptions.

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Challenges & Solutions

The future of work is hybrid and only a strong, secure and intelligent system of collaboration can support this transient work world. A robust MDM solution can help in managing devices and applications, as well as virtual and physical assets for remote and hybrid workers. It also supports device lifecycle management, auto-updates, insight driven end-point management and evergreen IT to provide users with tools to maneuver the rapidly evolving future-of-work landscape.

Changing workforce dynamics has made the humanizing of workplaces crucial. For enterprises to stay resilient and profitable, it is imperative to provide hybrid teams with superlative experiences that offer them a place of work that supports their evolving collaboration needs. MDM supports employees through zero-touch IT provisioning, simplified deployments and updates and endpoint analytics.

The digital disruptions have rendered enterprises vulnerable to the rapidly evolving and sophisticated IT threat landscape. Efficient digital collaboration is not possible in the absence of a robust solutions that ensure device protection, compliance and governance. The Modern Device Management solution offers zero-trust security model that enables employees to be their productive best, without disruptions. MDM provides a unified platform for device management, which is end-to-end, Zero-Trust based cloud management solution supporting hybrid work through integrated threat protection, device and app compliance and organization data protection.