A large telecom operator in Australia wanted to explore their GTM efforts in smart farming space primarily in the area of Remote Monitoring of grape crops for Diseases and Pest management.


The Solution

Smart Farming solution efficient Crop Growth and Management

The Infosys Smart Farming solution equipped the vineyard with sensors that could monitor important parameters such as ambient temperature, wind speed, soil moisture, relative humidity, etc. and provide necessary insights to various stakeholders & advisory services to farmers. The solution had an early warning system to sense & communicate the crop disease risk on an hourly basis thereby preventing any major issues from occurring. The Smart Framing Solution provides an inbuilt framework to collate, analyze and store all the information in centralized data stores.



Multidimensional view of Farm and Farming activities


The solution could sense and communicate climatic, environmental and other operational practices and risks in farming

It enabled predictive forecasts to prevent crop damages

The solution helped in improving yield & quality of crops and reduced the cost for farmers as well as for consumers by monitoring farm data in real time.


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