A leading American Consumer goods company was looking to accurately extract content from product labels and categorize them based on the extracted data.


The Solution

Auto-extraction of Data via iECP

Infosys Enterprise Cognitive Platform (iECP) was leveraged to detect and capture process details from product packages. This platform caters to a broad and growing list of use case(s) including image, voice, video, OCR, digital automation, text analytics by combining application of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Cognitive, NLP, and AI principles and techniques. The solution could provide template definition for processing invoices from multiple retailers, extracts text using OCR techniques and template based approach, leveraged language translator APIs and could verify claims against the offers/discounts database.



iECP provides an automated information retrieval and analysis solution


The extracted data could be categorized into relevant product attributes

The platform could extract text from images of artwork

It could correct the details on the product label using continuous machine learning


Future of Image Technologies in Financial Services