The REF-OR-M Solution for Citizen Safety Services offers solution components for efficient Citizen engagement and experience with service metrics, Omni channel case and SLA management, customer facing virtual assistants, AIML based targeting, personalization, sales management, scoring, for enhanced high-value interactions with mobility for easy reporting and self service.

Addresses the Safety Reports’ Management and Processing across multiple stages for protection of all segments of citizens- children, adults and senior citizens.


Challenges & Solutions

Increase productivity and turnaround time with stage wise business process flow, automated notifications, auto generated task checklist, quick data entry and Outlook integration.

Increased automation and business process management resulting in overall enhanced safety management.

Modern day interface for better user experience, optimal viewing and enhanced performance.

Mobile app with limited yet necessary functionalities with offline capability, address validators, Chat Bots, SharePoint Integration for collaboration.

Responsive design for rendering on any screen, device (tablets/ phones), browser and orientation, yielding similar experience.