The REF-OR-M EduSmart Solution offers a pre-configured, end-to-end reference solution, tailored to build stronger relationships with students. The solution aims to enrich and manage the students’ entire admission lifecycle, transforming the way to engage and enroll students using automation platform. With the complete enquiry to enrollment journey being managed on one single platform, the solution helps to scale applications. An all-in-one solution which is a one-stop place that manages the entire student onboarding, interaction, application, and post-application services providing an easy and quick access that can be explored from variety of channels and devices.


Challenges & Solutions

Efficient and seamless student admission and onboarding lifecycle based on one single platform

Targeted campaigns to engage prospects for effective communication

  • Digitize entire application process seamlessly
  • Automated, personalized, and digitized application process executed in real-time
  • Minimal operational effort to manage applications and cost reduction through virtual support and onboarding

    360-degree visibility with customized dashboards to track admissions, leads, and marketing