The Intelligent Applications Solution is a package of digital solutions to enable modernization and digital channels across layers in an application, with options to plug and play experience solutions across Mobility, Chatbots (text / voice) or Conversational AI, RPA enabled automation, Intelligent Analytics and more.

These solutions span across different industries and Lines of Business such as CRM, HCM, ERP and more to add digitization into critical success factors. With this offering, we also offer integration capabilities to the entire stack of Dynamics Applications as well as connectors and an integration framework to connect to non-Dynamics Applications that maybe On Premise or On Cloud Applications.

Unlocks new possibilities by kick starting enterprise journey up the digital maturity curve transforming any existing application into an Intelligent one.


Challenges & Solutions

Conversational AI or Chatbots for round the clock, automated & intelligent issue, query or task resolution with no dependency on Human Agents.

Leverage Azure Machine Learning & Microsoft Cognitive Services for smarter & quick decision making that is automated based on historical data and patterns.

Turn data into opportunity; get intelligent insights with Microsoft Power BI for driving better business decisions.

Leverage Power Automate to Quickly automate your workflows, enable business logic to simplify app building, and model your processes across connected data sources and services.

Zero/low code, cross platform mobility solutions leveraging Microsoft Power Apps for enablement of Mobility Driven Transformation.