Industry experts view Covid-19 crisis will affect every sector - but it could specifically impact the insurers who possibly can expect a lot of general inquiries and claims across multiple lines, whether that be for health, life or non-life cover. Harmonizing the need for retorting to this inflow of bustle in the contact centers while rapidly converting remote workforce is an area that insurers would need to address.

The REF-OR-M Modern CX for Insurance comprises of end to end process flows, Omni channel case and SLA management, customer facing chatbots based on Microsoft Bot framework, product recommendation engine for efficient sales management and proven best practices via accelerators and tools from successful, D365 transformation engagements, to achieve greater business value during each phase of customer journey.

Enables superior customer experience in Insurance with a solution, that helps manage all aspects of the lead and opportunity management, policy lifecycle, customer engagement and relationship management.


Challenges & Solutions

Offers better sales support from carriers, faster response and easier agent adoption.

Increased productivity and collaboration backed by a user-friendly, easily manageable and high-on-utility solution, which promotes customer collaboration and visit planning.

  • Facilitates informed product choices
  • Better coverage per premium paid
  • High quality, flexible service

Automated scheduling, routing, planning for inspections, customer meetings, selling and services.