The future of work is going to be hybrid, yet connected, collaborative and fluid. In order to come out stronger from this digital disruption, enterprises are now looking at harnessing the power of  Cloud & Artificial Intelligence to modernize and secure hybrid work. Infosys Modern Device Management for Hybrid Work, a part of Infosys Cobalt, leverages end-to-end cloud-managed and zero-trust-based solutions such as Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager (Intune) to provide a unified platform for device management.

A unified solution for device management that supports hybrid work by leveraging the power of cloud


Infosys Modern Device Management for Hybrid Work allows enterprises to simplify device management and ensure device compliance to provide employees with a holistic experience that empowers them to productively work from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Brochure: Infosys Modern Device Management for Hybrid Work


Challenges & Solutions

Zero IT touch and self-service device provisioning will enable enterprises provide their new hires with an easy and simple onboarding experience when they receive new devices, especially in the remote working context.

Modern Device Management provides an Integrated Threat protection across devices, identities, apps, email, and data by using cloud-based detection, advanced real-time heuristics, and integrated reputation-based identification of files, URLs, and emails.

Enterprises can modernize their application delivery through containerized packages, incremental updates, and enhanced security to ensure a stable endpoint. Virtual desktops will make anywhere, anytime, any device, application publishing possible through virtual application delivery.

By leveraging modern servicing tools, enterprises can simplify their operational complexity and reduce dependencies when updating Windows 10 and Office applications. Enterprises can also manage third party updates with the automated application provisioning approach.

Using a unified solution, enterprises can manage endpoints of multiple platforms and form factors. They will also be able to utilize existing on premises investments by combining capabilities of the configuration manager with a cloud solution.

With endpoint analytics , organizations can gain insights into how device hardware and software issues and performance issues are impacting their employee productivity. Analytics (Device, App) helps in baselining the endpoint performance and plan for monitoring, remediation and continuous improvement addressing the user experience, thereby increasing productivity. On top of that, Analytics will identify application and update compatibility issues and provide mitigation suggestions.